My Story

If I were to sum up everything in one sentence, it would be - "I know it was never easy but just because it wasn't didn't mean it wasn't worth it".

I enjoyed life. Every aspect of it. 

I loved how beautifully dreadful I made my cousins' life when I was a little demon. I was proud when I saw those gleaming eyes of my parents every time I would achieve something. I love that I could love with all my heart and soul into it, even if I was warned that first love will always leave you heartbroken, but I went for it besides that. And I didn't give up on love even after that.

I love life because it allows me to make people smile just by smiling at them at random times and they would be like, "Bro, what are ya smiling at?" and I am like, " Because I want to see you smile."

I really do believe that the little things that life has to offer are incredible.