Things I love

I like to write poetry.

I love sunsets.

I love my dog who isn't here anymore and I wake up everyday asking him: "क्या मैं तुमसे फिर कभी मिल पाऊँगी? "

I sometimes journal.

I may even like the idea of the world where technology has gone extinct and books and dogs are all we have left.

And I wish people smile more often.

About Me

I can write. Plain and simple. Working with brands and companies made me realize that I am more efficient when I personally connect with the issue I write about. If I cannot find that one strand that will bind me with what I write, I might as well write something without putting my heart into it. And we all know how that one goes. Bland and boring.

I once wrote a blog where I would write letters to people close to me and called it 'theunpostedletters' because I never wanted them to read it. It was something I could call mine. And that is the best work of my life. It is authentic and it is real.